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We offer a wide range of services, including machine polishing, paint protection & soft-top recolouring.
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Other Services

For the ultimate finish & shine, plus fine scratch and swirl removal & reduction please see our Machine Polishing page on this website for more details and prices.

Our under body clean is available to add to any exterior package. A pre rinse with chassis cleaning solution & high powered water spray. £10

Our Thermal Auto Fog kills bacteria, viruses and fungi on all interior surfaces of your vehicle...It smells nice too...
£15 when taken with any package

We offer several top quality traditional paste waxes, Ceramic protection and Graphene sealants 

Clean & protect packages
Re-colouring service
Ceramic protection upgrade

Turn yellowing headlights crystal clear again, plus UV protective coating applied afterwards.

Clean & protect. No pressure washer used!!!
Cleaned & dressed by hand.

Keep them protected, maintained and easier to clean!

Repels spills, avoid stains!

Ozone treatment removes dangerous or irritating airborne odour causing contaminates including smoke, pet smells and mould spores as well as disinfecting fabrics & hard surfaces.

Air-bomb refresh you entire cars interior 

Wet Vac:- Heated water mixed with specialist formula for cleaning dirty, stubborn areas of carpets and upholstery.

Steam clean:- It's a natural, universal disinfectant. Steam can kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

Don't require a shine?
We carry specialist products for matte & vinyl wrap paintwork.

Auto-Shine.uk presents...  

Soft Top clean, protect & re-colour

Using high quality cleaning and re-colouring products, plus UV protection. 


Deep clean of soft-top


Re-colouring of soft-top


Using correct products and method


Great results and protected

Graphics & sign removal

Commercial vehicle signage removal 


Decals, logos, wording removed.

Glue remnants removed.

Silhouetting reduction/removal.


SWB vans
from £175.00

MWB / LWB vans
from £225.00

Extra LWB / HT vans from £299.00


After phoning around several places for quotes, we were chosen because of our price and experience

Headlight Restoration 

Crystal clear and UV protected


Yellow, dull & aesthetically unpleasing.
Also an MOT advisory.


Restored and protected with a UV sealant included. 

From £40 a pair

The Small Print...

We love extremely dirty vehicles - but these may incur a surcharge;
Pet hair removal / mould / particularly soiled interiors that require extra attention.

Each service is tailored to the vehicles needs. If it is in the vehicles best interest, we may add, substitute or remove a stage.

Jobs outside the Hull boundary may incur a travel cost.

All bookings are subject to weather conditions.
We may need to reschedule at short notice.

We may require a booking deposit to secure your appointment

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