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Upgrades & Other Services

We offer a wide range of services, from machine polishing, odour removal and soft-top recolouring. 
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Other Services

It's all in the detail...

For an ultimate finish & shine, plus fine scratch and swirl removal & reduction.

Prior to Machine Polish, the paintwork must be fully decontaminated by us first. 

Our 'The Works' package 
included paintwork decontamination

From £30 per panel (subject to paint inspection) 

Our under body clean is available to add to any exterior package. A pre rinse with chassis cleaning solution & high powered water spray. £15

Our Thermal Auto Fog kills bacteria, viruses and fungi on all interior surfaces of your vehicle...It smells nice too...

Refresh your Air Con, Air Vents, Roof Lining & Fabrics

Clean and Protect £45 (Messy, so add an exterior wash!)
Re-colouring: First Coat £50, Subsequent Coats £40
Ceramic Protection upgrade £20

Have your vehicle cleaned with ultra pure filtered water. This means no water spotting marks and streaks for a ultimate finish. The water is free from impurities, including calcium, magnesium sodium & potassium.

Anyone that has attempted to complete an exterior clean when the sun is out will know the frustration of water marks on the paintwork. Not only do these marks look bad but they are also really tricky to remove and if left can also be damaging to the paintwork. With purified water all the impurities have been removed, therefore if it is left to dry naturally, the water will evaporate the same, however there will be nothing left behind to create water marks.

£30 - 24hrs notice required

Clean & Protect. No Pressure Washer used!!! Cleaned by hand and dressing added.
From £20

Keep them protected, maintained and easy to clean for 2 years. £45

Repels Spills, avoid stains! Nano particles coat each fabric fibre individually, leaving the texture unaffected, allowing the material to breathe. This means stale air will still be able to escape, while repelling water and oil-based liquids. Plus, added Biocote antimicrobial technology means this will kill 99.9% of bacteria..
£45 (5 Seats Vehicles) 

Odour Removal. Removes dangerous or irritating airborne odour causing contaminates including smoke, pet smells and mould as well as disinfecting fabrics and hard surfaces. £35

Wet Vac:- Heated water mixed with specialist formula for cleaning dirty, stubborn areas of carpets and upholstery.

Steam Clean:- It's a natural, universal disinfectant. Steam can kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria, just like the best disinfecting cleaners. It's an easy way to kill germs and viruses. Steam completely kills mold, too, unlike most chemical solutions.

From £20

Don't require a shine? We carry specialist products for matte & vinyl wrap paintwork.

Graphics & sign removal

Commercial Vehicle Signage Removal 


Decals, logos, wording removed.

Glue remnants removed.

Silhouetting reduction/removal.


SWB vans
from £175.00

MWB / LWB vans
from £225.00

Extra LWB / HT vans from £299.00

Caravans & Motorhomes

Does your caravan or motor home need a re-fresh? We can valet from top to bottom. 

We use top quality cleaning products designed especially for caravans & motorhomes.

Hand Washed & Waxed including roof

Up to 6 meters (20ft) - £149
£15 per meter (3ft) thereafter

The Small Print...

We love extremely dirty vehicles - but these may incur a surcharge;
Excessive pet hair removal / smokers ash / mould / upholstery stains that require extra attention. These all require us to use specialist high quality products & tools, as-well as extra labour. Prices start from £10 depending on the work required.

Each service is tailored to the vehicles needs. If it is in the vehicles best interest, we may add, substitute or remove a stage.

Jobs outside the Hull boundary may incur a travel cost.

All bookings are subject to Weather Conditions. We do carry a Gazebo for small showers, this requires suitable additional space around the work area, We may reschedule at short notice due to rainy days.

We may require a booking deposit to secure your appointment, please use link below.

Please Note: Don't confuse us; Auto-Shine.uk with another similar sounding valater in the area...

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